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Rodeo, Boots and Saddles, Longhorn, Pioneer Trails
Started 1945 to Late 1950s-early

This is the page I get the most comments or complaints about...Please try to relax. It is just a hobby. My cat eats off of this stuff. And He doesn't complain AT ALL. Thank you.

This is sort of an odd one for Wallace as it was really outside artists bringing the design to them for manufacture. Started production in 1945 and I believe it continued until Wallace went out of business in 1964 though it may have quit in the late 1950s. There have since been reissues and one must be on guard. The easiest way to spot a reissue from an original is by the artwork on the front. If the picture is signed 'Till Goodan' it is the original Wallace China product. If the signature is missing, it is of later heritage 1980s-1990s? Not sure when reissues came out. So buyer beware (buyer be aware). The reissue stuff is just fine as well but it can't possibly be worth what the original plates go for. The dinner plates run about a hundred each and larger rarer pieces go for several times that. Schroeders has a pretty good price list. There are a few different pattern names: 'Rodeo', 'Boots and Saddles', 'Pioneer Trails', and 'El Rancho'. I believe I need to do more homework on this subject.

Also interesting is that the brands that surround the pieces are of ranches, some of which are still working. This line has also been referred to by old timers as 'barbeque ware'. Yet another one of those 'ware' words. So is restaurant ware one word or two? I use it as one in my title but believe it to be two words. It really only matters to search engines on a computer. Should we be lobbying Websters for inclusion?

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Cup and saucer.
$75-$100!!! for the set though tht price may be going higher. These pieces hold their value and seem to attract new collectors all of the time hence a steadily increasing price.

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Platters easily run $100+ in mint condition. This one is the 'Boots And Saddle' Pattern.

Till Goodan also designed a set of glassware for the Libbey Glass company (Libbey currently owns Syracuse China). As of tight now, (05-01-2001) these are up for auction at Ebay. I have no idea what their value is. The cup holders seem to be leather and have a Longhorn look to them.
(6-2001) Auction ended at around $70 for about 8-10 pieces. Pretty decent. The next weekend I saw another set for sale at the Long Beach Vets Swap Meet in Long Beach, CA for about the same price.

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A little cream (Rodeo pattern).

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...a little sugar

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Some napkin rings!!! Extremely rare. Expect to pay between $50 and $100 each (if you can find them). I am frequently asked by email if they are for sale. They actually belonged to a friend of mine and they were sold long ago.

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A Deep Platter Shaped Vegetable Bowl.

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A Big Old Honking Chop Plate in the Rodeo pattern !!!!!
So why do they wear those hats if they are just going to loose them anyway? A chin strap seems to be in order. Or some velcro!!!

From what I understand, the branding irons around the edge were working California ranches at the time of the production.

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A salad plate in the 'Pioneer Trails' pattern. I am selling this right now on Ebay (05-01-2001).
(6-2001) Sold for around $25 which is probably a bargain.





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